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Wendell and Dona Williams have always had a passion for working with young people. From time spent as volunteers at Vanderheyden Hall to being dorm parents at a private boarding school in Massachusetts, Wendell & Dona can best be described as "kid magnets." Their most current undertakings have included Harvest Parties at Halloween and an after-school program for local youth in 6th-12th grade. They have also recently hosted a breakfast to honor the Cohoes High School Football team.

Wendell was born in Las Vegas, Nevada & attended college at Sothern Utah State College. He lived on the west coast until he joined the Navy. Wendell was stationed in Boston during the Vietnam Conflict and it was there that he met Dona, a Boston area native. Dona holds a B.S. in Theater from Skidmore College and has worked with students in the secondary and post secondary settings. She has also been working with women's groups for over 15 years, and along with her husband, Wendell, has co-hosted the popular "Breaking Ground" radio program broadcast on area stations.

Wendell and Dona have been married since Christmas Day 1975 and have 3 adult children.

They both strongly believe in the future of Cohoes and the surrounding communities and feel that youth need a sense of purpose and their basic needs must be met. Helping the youth in these local communities is a social responsibility to which Wendell & Dona are committed.

All staff and volunteers at The Connect Center for Youth are screened and fully adherent to the philosophy of building, strengthening and inspiring youth with a hope for their future.

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